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Hello! Welcome to agentPages, a service owned and operated by iProperty in Melbourne. We build professional, real estate agent profile websites to generate and convert leads. As a tech savvy and values-driven company, we contribute to the success of the real estate industry by creating strategic products and offering premium support that meets individual needs.

agentPages, one of our core solutions, gives real estate professionals the power to market online using cutting-edge techniques on their own blog or profile website. We give individual agents the ability to share their expertise and showcase their current and sold real estate listings on their own platform. Statistics show that this form of marketing is one of the most successful online methods to attracting potential clients and building long-term customer relationships. Through agentPages, we put the power into your hands so you, too, can begin attracting and converting leads online.

iProperty is a small, private, Australian business based in Melbourne, Victoria. We’ve been helping real estate professionals, companies, and developers for more than 15 years, providing the Australian real estate industry with a range of comprehensive tools, including one of the first mobile apps (remember palm pilots?!).

In addition to providing premium products, we strongly believe in providing premium support – for free. We understand not everyone is ‘tech savvy,’ and sometimes you just need to be able to pick up the phone and get the help you’re looking for.

Through agentPages, we provide you with profile websites you’ll love. We put the power into your hands, so you can focus on transferring your knowledge— and your properties—to the people who need them most. Hello again—and welcome to agentPages, where profile websites transform your business.

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